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    News and Updates

    Free Agent Registration

    03/16/2018, 8:15am MDT
    By Mike

    If you are looking to play full time this summer and you don't have a team...

    CLICK HERE  to register as a free agent.

    We will get you on a team based on your level and experience.

    Jerseys will be provided for you to use with that team so you don't need to buy one this summer.

    Have a group of guys that want to be on the same team?  Register and then send us an email at and put in the email the names of each person you want to be grouped with. 

    Do you have half of a team and are looking to fill the spots?  We can group your guys with another group and keep you guys playing all summer long. 

    Questions?  Email us HERE.


    Summer 2018 Details

    01/31/2018, 6:45am MST
    By Mike

    Summer season details announced

    Click here for full details:

    Register here:



    Team Fees - $5,200.00  (GST & player insurance included).

    As low as $325/player with a full 16 player roster.

    18 games minimum with all teams making playoffs.

    Returning teams and returning division champions discounts

    No Saturday games or long weekend games between mid-June and end of season.

    Final Division Changes

    01/22/2018, 6:45am MST
    By Chad

    Div 2 and 3 changes

    The schedule had to be adjusted for divisions 2 and 3. Teams in those divisions please look at your schedule for the games that were switched 


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